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posted 03:49PM
Mon 25th May 2020
Especially hot weather The more we want to be in a cool place But if sweating all day Nothing would make us feel as refreshed as taking a shower. But there are times when we might have to wait, even if it's very hot Because it may have negative effects on the body

When should "not" take a bath?

1.Just found the sun / hot weather.
Especially those with low pressure Taking a shower immediately with the heat. The skin is still hot. Taking a shower immediately may cause the body to adjust the temperature too quickly. Until causing the risk of syncope Therefore should sit and rest in the room Or indoor buildings until heat is lost first Then better to take a shower

2. After eating
After eating, blood will flow mainly to the digestive system. If going to take a shower now Will have to share some blood with other organs as well Causing the digestive system to not work properly, may bloating or indigestion

3. After exercise
It is surprising to see that many people do intense exercise. Then walk to take a shower. Actually, we should sit back and relax. Or allow the body to dry from perspiration moderately first Then took a shower Because bathing immediately after intense exercise may cause blood to feed the heart And not enough brain during bathing time And causing syncope

4. After drinking alcohol
After drinking alcohol, it will inhibit liver function. Causing the release of glucose into the blood stream less But during the shower, the body needs more glucose Therefore, bathing after drinking alcohol Therefore causing insufficient amount of blood sugar Therefore risking dizzy, dizzy, dizzy, physically weak And the risk of falling in the bathroom

5. When sick, have a high fever
It has long been known that patients with fever should wipe themselves to clean the body first until the fever subsides. Not just because the sick person doesn't have the strength to bathe But because of the period that we are sick The body temperature will reach 38-40 ℃ and increase the amount of heat metabolism in the body by 20%, which makes the body quite weak. If bathing, it may be dangerous to the body, dizzy, unconscious and shocked.

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posted 04:25PM
Wed 27th May 2020
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