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tireless wireless

posted 09:01PM
Thu 13th May 2010
We are unable to get ADSL1 or ADSL2 where we live as we are on a pair-gain system (which I dont fully understand yet)with no ports available, so wireless it is, but looking at the map there is 151 ports available three streets away from us can anybody explain in plian english why I cant get broadband????
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posted 09:36AM
Fri 4th Jun 2010
Hello dredjesta,

A RIM in its most simple sense is an inhibitor. In most cases they are put either in new estates or areas that are too far away from the main exchange. Usually there is a fibre cable run from the exchange to the RIM, then copper lines run from the RIM to each premises.

Because there isn't a direct line to the exchange, in some cases it can mean ADSL is not available. Especially if the distance is too great.

Unfortunately it sounds like your only options are:

1) 3G Wireless Broadband
2) Satellite
3) Dialup

3G in my experience isn't too bad, but it does depend on what you wish to do on the connection. I would recommend an antenna to boost the signal as this will help stabilise it.

I hope this helps.

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User: 6901 - 2 posts

posted 04:35PM
Sat 5th Jun 2010
I'm in Collingwood Park and had the same problem..

Depends on where you are. We managed to get adsl1 by applying through telstra and cancelling the application and joining through tpg.

The exchange is congested anyway, we're lucky to get full speed most nights.

I'd recommend applying through telstra if you haven't already.
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posted 03:07AM
Thu 13th Jun 2019
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Fri 14th Jun 2019
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