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posted 03:38PM
Wed 20th May 2020
Chinese bank announces freeze interest rate loan for LPR to stimulate economy

The Reserve Bank of China (PBOC) has maintained a one-year LPR of 3.85% and a 5-year LPR at 4.65%.
Fixing China's central bank interest rate LPR today As expected by the financial market And in line with the Chinese central bank's decision to maintain interest rates for medium-term loans for financial institutions Last week

As for April 20, the past The central bank announced a 1-year LPR interest rate cut by 0.2% to 3.85% from 4.05% and the 5-year LPR interest rate was reduced by 0.1% to 4.65% from 4.75% with the goal of reducing Borrowing costs of private companies And revive the economy to expand again After the Chinese economy contracted for the first time in decades Due to the effect of Covid-19

The fund raising center between the National Bank Which is an organization under the China Central Bank Will reveal the LPR interest rate every 20th of the month. The measure is considered an improvement and reform of the mechanism for determining interest rates on LPR loans and is the latest attempt to reduce borrowing costs in order to stimulate the real economy.

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posted 02:42PM
Fri 24th Jul 2020
I literally had no idea about this new policy of the Chinese bank before reading this blog and now student can check assignmentholic.co.uk to complete their work. This is one of the best initiatives by the bank to boost up the economy and the financial conditions of the economy as well as the nation. We fully support them in this decision.
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