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posted 03:26PM
Tue 19th May 2020
Vitamin A is an important vitamin. Required for growth and function in all parts of the body Both help strengthen the immune system Take care of your skin Good for the intestinal mucosa Bladder Good to see And contributes to the growth of cells as well But the important thing is that our bodies are not able to create vitamin A by themselves. Therefore, it is necessary to get vitamin A through eating everyday. Therefore, Hello Doctor today has collected the best Foods that add vitamin A to each other

The best food to increase vitamin A.
- Sweet Potatoes
Sweet potato is sweet, tasty and rich in nutrients, including fiber, iron, potassium, vitamin C. And of course, packed with essential vitamin A for the body. With one medium sized sweet potato providing up to 900 micrograms of vitamin A per body

- Boiled or boiled spinach
Eating green leafy vegetables It is good because vegetables are full of minerals and vitamins necessary for the body. The same thing with spinach. Both calcium and magnesium are low in calories. Rich in vitamin K and vitamin A. By eating 1 cup of boiled spinach will get about 943 micrograms of vitamin A, which is enough to meet the needs throughout the day.

- Butternut Squash or Pumpkin Calabash
Squash or pumpkin family vegetables are vegetables that are high in vitamin A. But pumpkin, butternut It is considered a pumpkin family that provides the most vitamin A. In addition to vitamin A Pumpkin Butter Nuts Also provide high levels of potassium, calcium, and vitamin C. The key is low calorie Which is good for those who are also controlling weight

- Cantaloupe
Various fruits such as cantaloupe Can be used to make fruit juices. Eating fresh and tasty is also a side dish in desserts. Can say that cantaloupe is a single plant But can really be used for deliciousness in many ways In addition to being tasty and can be eaten in many ways, cantaloupe is also a fruit that provides high levels of vitamin A. One cup of cantaloupe will provide 270 micrograms of vitamin A and also potassium, magnesium, and vitamin C. with

- red bell pepper
Red bell pepper Is a vegetable that provides low calories. One red bell pepper provides only 37 calories. Eating 1 red bell pepper gives 187 mcg of vitamin A.

- Mango
Summer fruit Many people's favorite items are mangoes. It is considered another fruit that provides high vitamin A. One mango contains approximately 181 micrograms of vitamin A.

- Apricot
One of the low calorie fruits Which is apricot In addition to low calories, potassium fiber and vitamin A are given, with 1 cup of apricot giving 158 micrograms of vitamin A.

- Boiled broccoli
Sai Rak Pak read and probably smiled because broccoli is another food that is high in vitamin A. By eating 1 cup of boiled broccoli will get vitamin A at 120 micrograms and most importantly, less calories. Because a cup of broccoli provides only 54 calories.

- cow liver
Come to the meat Because not only fruits and vegetables provide vitamin A But meat like cow liver Also provides vitamins to the body as well Eating 3 ounces of fried liver liver (or 85 grams) will give 6,582 micrograms of vitamin A. If anyone likes meat, then Should not miss cow liver

- cod liver oil
Another food that may be inclined to supplements. Especially cod liver oil Because it is another important source of vitamin A Eating a tablespoon of cod liver oil provides 4,080 micrograms of vitamin A, which is good for the immune system, heart health, and may also help prevent depression.

- Pumpkin Pie
If you like sweets And want to eat desserts that are beneficial to the body Don't forget to think of pumpkin pie. Because the pumpkin that is the raw material of the pie With beta carotene (Beta-carotene), antioxidants, especially lutein and Zeaxanthin that help to see. And of course, including vitamin A Just eating 1 pumpkin pie will get about 488 micrograms of vitamin A. It's both delicious and with real benefits.

Although the body is not able to create vitamin A by itself, we can increase vitamin A intake through food. Regularly eat vegetables and fruits of various colors. Including complete meat So that the body can be full of energy and nutrients Ready to grow and be healthy everyday

Thank you
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