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posted 06:46PM
Fri 14th Feb 2020
The FBI revealed its cybercrime report from the Internet crime complaint center (IC3), which indicates that in 2019, cybercriminals can make up to $ 3.5 billion. During the past year, IC3 received 467,361 complaints from various individuals and businesses, and since the organization was founded in 2000, it has received nearly 5 million complaints, the most popular fraud method used by cyber criminals. In the end, phishing and blackmailing criminals use sophisticated techniques to make it difficult for people to distinguish whether the web address and email are real or fake. Because it looks superficial like it is legitimate In particular, phishing will use these fake websites or emails to trick the victim into entering sensitive personal information and then conducting transactions to extract money. Ransomware Is a keen tool that can make money for hackers more than $ 8.9 million Which uses malware that is installed on the victim's computer to secretly lock or suck out the data Then threatened that if no payment was made as a ransom, it could not be unlocked or hackers would publish it. Last year, IC3 received 13,633 items from victims of technical support fraud. scam). The scam calls the victim and claims to be the technical support of a credible leading company. The victim's computer was found and the intelligence must be corrected immediately. And then deceive by various methods to be able to log onto the computer remotely and steal credit card account information. Read more >> slotxo
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posted 12:49AM
Sat 22nd Feb 2020
Cyber criminals utilize best methods to make it hard for a person to find if a web address and email is real or fake. For us they browse https://www.healthcareguys.com/2020/01/30/healthcare-using-analytics-to-improve-patient-care/. Because it seems incredible as a rule Essentially, you will use these web sites or emails to trick the person into creating sensitive personal information and then making transactions to extract money.
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posted 03:57PM
Mon 24th Feb 2020
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posted 06:02PM
Fri 27th Mar 2020
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