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posted 08:59AM
Sat 28th Nov 2009
TL-BB $40.00 6 Months $55.00 30 gbytes + $3.00/GB thereafter No Charge

i am looking at getten this plan. just wondering if anyone else uses exetel and what they are like. i wanna be able to download alot of stuff from torrent sites and i am just wondering if they throttle your speed when u do that during there *no charge* time.

i have read there acceptable useage and they seem strict about certain things but i am unsure if downloading torrents is something they alow?.

i am currently with comcen on a 40gig plan for 74 a month witch is really expensive compared to the other plan.

can anyone give me alittle guideance on this? cause it iwll cost me 265 to cancel my comcen account n i dont wanna rush out n waste more money
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User: 4083 - 1 posts
Politicians tell huge porkies

posted 10:07AM
Mon 30th Nov 2009
Yes, they throttle torrents - at *any* time that their traffic load approaches saturation on their network - peak or off peak. It would make no sense to do otherwise.

Exetel is definitely cheap, but it is no nirvana. You get what you pay for. In addition, they may terminate your connection if you are an "unprofitable" customer or upset management in any way. Only you can decide whether you want to move to Exetel. Nice to see you are doing the research! There are specialist sites such as Whirlpool which will give you additional information if you choose to do that. HTH
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User: 6420 - 1 posts

posted 01:05PM
Tue 1st Dec 2009
I've been with Exetel for over 18mths now on the TL-BA plan and have had no problems with them. I recommend them to everyone and have never heard of them having any problems either.

Their terms and conditions and throttling practices are not unfair in any way, just common sense imo. I have no problems getting full 1.5mbps downloads on torrents if there are a reasonable number of peers.
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User: 6407 - 4 posts

posted 05:19PM
Sun 13th Dec 2009
ok thanks for the info guys i think i am ganna change to them. if had a look for other info to n everything i have seem tells me they would work fine for me. plus 60 gig ontop of that 35 should give me more than i need so i doubt i am ganna use to much to be a problem.

once again thanks
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User: 6526 - 1 posts
Salaam Wa Aleikum

posted 09:13PM
Sat 9th Jan 2010
DSA_ writes..
i am looking at getten this plan. just wondering if anyone else uses exetel and what they are like.

If you know how to insert modem settings etc you will have no issue.

I personally have no slow downs using P2P during off peak, some people do however I believe that could be because I am on Telstra hardware.

Well worth giving them a try.

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posted 06:17AM
Sun 30th Jun 2019
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User: 36935 - 115 posts

posted 03:39AM
Thu 11th Jul 2019
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