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Thu 13th Feb 2020
For the year 2020, Nike Basketball is developing an evolution of Nike's work that is considered the best in the industry. To improve energy return through shoe innovation by Ross Klein, senior creative director at Nike Basketball Responsible for leading the team in the mission of developing Nike Air, our shock absorber system, for the most efficient energy return While also creating the Nike Air Zoom BB NXT. "The game shape and the athlete have evolved a lot in modern basketball," Klein said. No fixed position And will create work for the team in every area on the court Only in the NBA, we find that these unruly athletes have to go through a serious path. Beginning with off-season training Continue with the match before the season. And entering a season that has to compete for up to 82 games, followed by match play-offs and final matches Fatigue is the enemy And endurance is the goal. "Keeping freshness in critical times at the end of the game is key. For this reason, Nike Air Zoom BBNXT shoes have launched a system that combines Nike React foam in full. Feet and feet with the Plate and Nike Air Zoom pods. To provide protection to the wearer from the impact and return great energy to basketball players of all levels. "This shoe is similar to a car," Klein said. "It has many components and parts. With each having its own specific function But working together as one " More >> slotxo
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