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posted 07:41AM
Tue 11th Feb 2020
Many people suggest that the marketing should not be discriminating and should target all the ages, genders and people in the target region. However, knowing your target market is important and rational. When you create animated videos for business, you must target the only audience for which you think your product would work best. For example, you cannot market the lingerie to men as they do not wear it and cigarette to children as they do not smoke, doing this will be only a waste of time effort and money; therefore, it is strongly suggested to target only the right audience. do you agree with the thought?
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posted 09:02AM
Tue 11th Feb 2020
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Tue 11th Feb 2020
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posted 10:46PM
Tue 11th Feb 2020
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posted 12:37AM
Fri 21st Feb 2020
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Mon 24th Feb 2020
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posted 06:40PM
Wed 26th Feb 2020
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posted 06:41PM
Wed 26th Feb 2020
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posted 12:16AM
Tue 10th Mar 2020

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posted 12:17AM
Tue 10th Mar 2020

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posted 05:34AM
Thu 26th Mar 2020

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posted 03:41AM
Mon 30th Mar 2020
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posted 07:12AM
Mon 28th Sep 2020
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Chasing The Dreams

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Mon 28th Sep 2020
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