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posted 02:22PM
Fri 15th May 2020
Dow closed at 377.37 points, boosted by buying bank-energy shares

The Dow Jones Index, the New York stock market, closed higher last night (14 May), supported by investors spending buying banking shares. Especially the big bank stocks that have been sold in the past Meanwhile, energy stocks rebounded after WTI crude oil prices rose sharply by 9%, which sent orders to support both groups to help support the market to close in a positive territory. After being pressured in the beginning of the report of unemployment benefits in the United States that is higher than expected.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 23,625.34 points, up 377.37 points or + 1.62%.
The S & P500 index closed at 2,852.50 points, up 32.50 points or + 1.15%.
The Nasdaq index closed at 8,943.72 points, up 80.56 points or + 0.91%.

In the beginning The Dow Jones index slipped after the US Department of Labor released its first jobless claims number of 2.981 million last week. The figure is higher than analysts had expected at 2.5 million.

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