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posted 10:28PM
Mon 20th Jul 2009
hello everybody,

i am just wondering if anyone knows any news about the munster exchange.
i have been on adsl1 for ages now and was wondering if this exchange will become adsl2+ ready any time soon

i notice there has been some services done to this exchange in the past couple of weeks and there is a major one coming up i think i will lose the net for up 4 hours.

here is the notice i have received in an email

Outage Start Monday, 27 July 2009 11:30PM EST
Outage End Tuesday, 28 July 2009 4:30AM EST
Impact Medina,Meadow Sprin, Munster, Churchman Brook WA
Planned Event Yes
Description Due to scheduled maintenance, some Broadband DSL customers in the areas of Medina,Meadow Sprin, Munster, Churchman Brook (WA) may experience difficulties connecting to the internet for up to 2 x 2 hours during the service disruption period. We recommend customers power off and on their computer and modem before attempting to reconnect. We apologise for any inconvenience.

here is the Ref # P540157

please if any body can help me

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User: 7543 - 1 posts

posted 08:05PM
Thu 13th Oct 2011
This exchange...*cough*demountable*cough* is a joke, this post was made in 2009, Search on the internet and there are posts about this exchange as far back as 2007 that I can find and it's almost 2012 and I cant even get a descent connection through here because of congestion, I would like to know how many people in this area are still having issues with the amount of new houses gone up and going up I would expect it to be a fair few...
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User: 7547 - 1 posts
Haters Gonna Hate

posted 09:29PM
Mon 17th Oct 2011
Hi there,

I saw this post and had to sign up to add my 2 cents.

This exchange is an absolute embarrassment. I would take a guess, and say one of the worst in the Metro area. The sad thing is, it doesn't serve some tiny suburb of 50 people, it serves a large area- including many heavily built up estates.

I have lived in Beeliar for the past 7 years. I wont bother going into the number of times I have called Telstra for line tests, changes modems, changed phones, replaced phone lines. etc etc.

I have accepted that 160 kbps is the best download rate I can get, and the regular crappy speeds and drop outs are unavoidable when using this exchange.

I have happy to say, I am moving NOR soon, so there is an end in sight....for me. For the rest of people using this exchange, I don't see anything changing any time soon. Maybe I will check back on this post in 5 years?

I cant believe Telstra can still use this sea container (AKA - exchange).
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