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posted 03:58PM
Thu 14th May 2020
China shuts down the city near the North Korean border After the infection of more people.

The Chinese authorities have ordered closure of cities in Jilin province in northeastern China bordering North Korea. In order to control the spread of the new strain of the corona virus (Covid-19) after finding more people in the area

The move came after a recent virus infection in Jilin city. Which is the second largest city in Jilin Province And the adjacent Chilan city

Most recently, Jilin City has closed the bus and train service. And also ordered to close the school again, despite having just returned. In addition, people can leave Jilin City only if the infection test results are negative. And detained himself

However, the Chinese authorities have found a group spread again. After finding a patient, Covid-19 At least 22 new cases in Jilin City and Chilan City of Jilin Province And Shenyang, a major city in Liaoning Province, and also bordered by North Korea It is expected that this group of people infected with the disease.

The situation that caused the fear that The epidemic in the area is from North Korea. Even though no connection has been found And North Korea has never announced that they have also been infected.

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