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posted 11:06PM
Tue 2nd Jun 2009

I know nothing about computers/broadband - but have recently founds out there is no Naked ADSL available on the ivanhoe excahnge. I want somehting that is quick as I work from home.. Any suggestions (I dont have a home phone line at the moment - can get one if need be)


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Just press all the buttons...

posted 10:36AM
Thu 11th Jun 2009
Choose an ADSL1 plan with iinet or internode and ask for an 8 megabit per second download. That's as fast as you will get on the exchange currently. Then keep an eye out on here and as soon as the Dslam is enabled for ADSL, which iinet and internode are in progress doing at the moment, upgrade to ADSL2 and you'll be laughing.

As for a phone line, just shop around and haggle. I got my line rental for $20 a month with Telstra as they were either going to get that, or not get my business, so they took the former.

Once the exchange is enabled for ADSL2 you'll be able to switch to naked.

Good luck.

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i have no slogan

posted 09:27AM
Wed 9th Sep 2009

If you are talking about Ivanhoe Victoria - I think you are pretty much stuffed. I'm about to move interstate but have been here for 7 years.

In the end - the cheapest way to get fast ADSL2+ like speeds I found was to ditch my phone line altogether and go with BigPond cable. It hurt me no end to go back to Telstra - but like you I work from home so needed the speed that I couldn't get with any of the resellers at the time.

I figured if I had to go back to Telstra I at least would ditch the $30 landline and just used a combination of Skype/PennyTel/Mobile for my phone needs.

Good luck!

I'm now moving to Sawtell in NSW - where I really am stuffed! It's all Telstra all over again - but with no cable alternative!

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posted 10:24AM
Sun 13th Oct 2019
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Mon 14th Oct 2019
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