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posted 05:45PM
Tue 9th Feb 2021
Since we understand what we're focusing on, we should perceive how it's finished.
Step 1: Map and value your data
Step 2: Clean up the quality of your data
Step 3: Start internally
Step 4: Decide what kind of data you need
Step 5: Pick the right tools for data science
Step 6: Build your machine learning
Step 7: Test and prove your concept
Step 8: Explore the possibilities
Step 9: Establish a business model
Step 10: Take it to your clients

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User: 77919 - 4 posts

posted 09:55PM
Wed 7th Apr 2021
Hmm, and why did you come to? It is interesting enough, you need to think about it, I sometimes read all interesting articles about science, recently read a wonderful article about speech recognition. It's just something, science is rapidly flies forward and does not notice anything, what awaits us further, even imagine it is difficult, but this is very exicting.
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