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The cake is a lie

posted 09:03PM
Tue 21st Apr 2009
I have a internode HOME-Ultra-40 and according to everyone, including this website (and my own research and friends) I should be on the SYRA exchange

according to the Adress lookup i should be getting

"You are 188 m from SYRA as the crow flies.
Estimated cable length of 310.2 m.
Estimated speed of 24000"

I am using a Linksys 325N wireless router

and here are the SNR details

--- DSL Information ---
DSL Driver Version: AnnexA version - A2pB022g.d20e
DSL Status: ShowtimeRetrain Reason: 8000
DSL Mode: ADSL2+
DSL Channel: FAST
DSL Upstream Rate: 695 Kbps
DSL Downstream Rate: 5849 Kbps

Down up
DSL Noise Margin: 12.5 dB 12.5 dB
DSL Attenuation: 15.5 dB 4.3 dB
DSL Transmit Power: 0.0 dBm 12.8 dBm

The other closest exchange i know of is at accross from flinders street station.


WHAT I REALLY want to do/know is why can't i be on the SYRA exchange? I would get a much better speed and everything?

139 views and no response :(
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User: 5892 - 10 posts
lineys lay better

posted 08:38PM
Wed 27th May 2009
ports free?
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User: 5813 - 3 posts
The cake is a lie

posted 04:28PM
Tue 2nd Jun 2009
Well I cant really be sure But I thought when a did a check that it was... maybe its a conspiracy?


Maybe i didn't see that it was being built.. But how long does it take to build?
And can they be bothered changing me to the SYRA exchange?
I really hope so


It says its in build above but yet here it says it is active?

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User: 5269 - 2 posts

posted 01:06PM
Sat 6th Jun 2009
The exchange that your allocated is dependant on cable ducting, equipment in the field (ie: POSTS/RIMs ETC) you wont be allocated the exchange you want, you will be given the exchange that has the technology/space to accomodate your VOICE service.

Do you know what exchange you are actually on?
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User: 5813 - 3 posts
The cake is a lie

posted 10:26PM
Tue 9th Jun 2009
well im not entirly sure as when i do an IP look up it takes me to the further away one. But maybe the other one connects through it?
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Bernard S. Hawkins

posted 05:44AM
Fri 12th Apr 2019
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posted 06:45PM
Fri 24th May 2019
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