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How to distinguish the authenticity of SKF bearings
An open market economy has changed our work and life, and has also changed our way of life: transforming most of us from the original average and bland work and life to a gaped and colorful work and life The reason for this huge difference is, I think, "competition".
The essence of competition is "interest". Competition brings vitality and progress to society, but competition also causes many people to lose themselves and rack their brains for the benefit. These people make us worry about distinguishing between "true and false" and "authenticity" every day. We must say that this is the sorrow brought about by social progress. However, each of us has to face this social reality.

I always think this way: To distinguish whether a thing is "authentic", the first issue is that you "recognize the authentic". In other words, you have to understand and understand and study the "authentic", you need to know its past, present, and future, you need to know its appearance, and you also need to know his inner.
Only the "recognition of genuine products" from all angles and angles can expose a "fake product" in front of you, point out where it is "fake", tell why it is fake, and avoid unnecessary trouble And loss.

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