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bianka457416 in Website Feedback

bianka457416 in Website Feedback

bianka457416 in Website Feedback

bianka457416 in Website Feedback


Detailed Summary

A New Detailed Summary section has been launched to help you determine what your line may be able to achieve on ADSL2+.

Operation - Heat Map

A new section has been released where you can Submit Your Sync Speed. This information will be used to give people a rough idea of the average speeds obtained, also an average speed per exchange. The plan that you enter in will also be used for stats as part of our users "Most Popular ADSL2+ Plans".
Further to this, once there is enough data we will be able to generate Heat Maps. What are Heat Maps you ask? See the example from iiNet/Internode to the right.

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66.25% Reasonable price, good customer service
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