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Boundary information is an approximation only. For accurate exchange information please contact your phone provider.
ADSL2+: Available
15001+ kb 10,001 kb - 14999 kb 5,001kb - 10,000 kb 1,501kb - 5,000kb <= 1,500kb

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Equipment Providers
 ProviderStatusEstimateAvailable Now
  Agile (Internode)Active Yes
  Chime (Iinet)Removed No
  Telstra ADSL1Active Yes
  OptusActive Yes
  Telstra ADSL2+Active Yes
ADSL2+ Plans
ISP or Internet Service Providers with ADSL and ADSL2 Broadband Internet Providers with Wireless Internet, Mobile Broadband, Broadband Deals and Cheap Internet Plans SpinTel www.spintel.net.au SpinTel Facebook SpinTel Twitter
Bundling Required Urban One 40GB$15.00 Signup Now!
Bundling Required Urban Two 200GB$25.00 Signup Now!
Bundling Required Urban Three Unlimited$30.00 Signup Now!
Dodo Australia
Bundling Required ADSL2+ 5GB Metro 2.5GB (+2.5GB)$39.80 Signup Now!
Bundling Required ADSL2+ 10GB Metro 5GB (+5GB)$47.80 Signup Now!
Bundling Required ADSL2+ 100GB Metro 50GB (+50GB)$54.80 Signup Now!
Bundling Required ADSL2+ 3TB Metro 3,000GB$59.75 Signup Now!
Bundling Required ADSL2+ UNLIMITED Metro Unlimited$59.80 Signup Now!
 EscapeNet www.esc.net.au
Bundling Required FreedomOne 120GB$79.90 Signup Now!
Really Naked Flexi Unlimited Unlimited$69.90 Signup Now!
Really Naked Lite 30GB (+30GB)$49.90 Signup Now!
Really Naked Basic 120GB (+120GB)$59.90 Signup Now!
Basic 10GB (+10GB)$39.95 Signup Now!
Economy 100GB (+100GB)$49.95 Signup Now!
Standard 250GB (+250GB)$59.95 Signup Now!
Deluxe 1,000GB$69.95 Signup Now!
Regional ADSL1/2/2+ 50GB 50GB$44.95 Signup Now!
Regional ADSL1/2/2+ 200GB 200GB$49.95 Signup Now!
Regional ADSL1/2/2+ 400GB 400GB$59.95 Signup Now!
Regional ADSL1/2/2+ Unmetered Unlimited$69.95 Signup Now!
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